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by Kevin McMahon



Time once paused at a particular event

And briefly lost its bearings:

A storm followed light into shadow

And drove people into their minds


Deeply there they went

To await illumination

And from the battleground of thought and emotion

An image came together in the eye of a newborn


With colors interlocked by fine-cut fingers of cardboard

a jigsawed depiction of a figure with golden wings:

Icarus tumbling before a condescending sun

looking down upon his fate with disbelief


But the count of unassembled pieces proved too many;

the child’s attention turned away

And he abandoned the puzzle while its assembly was still incomplete

To grow up instead


He opened a door to find the World waiting

He crossed the threshold of the doorway

And the rain stopped and the clouds broke

The storm had given way to a sunrise


On his way to morning classes

He nearly tripped over a fallen branch

thrown to the ground in the storm’s fury.

And the graze of his shoe sliced off a hook-shaped fragment.


From a nearby perch

A yellowbird turned at the sight of the boy emerging from Inside

And noticing the boy’s misstep had dislodged the hook-shaped piece

The yellowbird flocked to retrieve its newfound treasure


The lunch hour saw the young man hired

To broker transactions of asset-backed commercial paper

Employment in the economic machine stays hunger.  And coldness.

And questions without answers.


With the afternoon came middle age and the worries of prosperity

He fretted under the peak of the sun’s arc

So many problems needed solutions, and he struggled to fit the pieces together

The yellowbird called to him, but he did not hear


Now an old man watches a golden color recede in the western sky

And in his eye is born a reflection:

An image of a figure with burning wings

Falling from the fate of illumination


But this eye is itself an image

Held in place with interlocking hook-shaped fragments

The yellowbird uses them to piece together its nest

and asks “What do you make of this?”




copyright Kevin McMahon, 2008