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Cosmic Chautauqua (a poem of equations)

            by Kevin McMahon



Beginning with a seed in a celestial glen

Maturing through the ages, the distance overran and underplaced from middle to end

A side of time that sends its temporary blend of demons and of men

whose consequence subscribes…


Next below the countless grains of terra sand

Watch the matter and the manner and the spanning of the laughter follow close at hand

And execute its plan for the conscious mind of man, claiming all it can

of the possibilities once ascribed…


Now to the moment when tomorrows begin

And the hist’ry of the whole, the torn, the scorned and the mourned is swift to drift away again

And though we may know what shows us the way, we are not so bold enough to sway

past the outer reaches of otherwise beside…


1H + 1H → 2H + e+ + ve

2H + 1H → 3He + g + E

E = mc2

3He + 3He → 4He + 1H + 1H + E

A reaction creates the elements needed

for recreating an elemental action



An errant dimension intersecting space

Runs counterbalanced through Us, All, One and None against the metamorphic face

Colors rise to grace.  Wavelengths ebb in place and frequencies fluctuate in haste

before the morning light reveals…


The numbers push and play and struggle to remain

Disperse into Integers, Rationals, Naturals, Imaginaries, far across the plain

Seeking to attain an outcome to their game, ignite melodies and sear the flame –

the diameter of which concealed…


Patterns coalesce from the random flood of waves

And start to disorganize from the being, the meaning, the portions spent and saved

From atop the trees, weaving through branches and falling leaves, charging on the breeze

across the sky until…


A gravitational force holds the planets

in orbit high around the sun:

Atomic orbital course keeps electrons

from colliding with any one:

F = GMm / R2

F = Qq / 4per2

The symmetry never yields in pursuit

of mirroring infinite to none



Bridging the Means to the Why

is no ordinary task

To question the way of things implies the unsatisfying answer

that if they were but slightly changed,

we could not ask

Why the rocks ripple the water; why the mountains aim higher

and the forest spreads around.  But the tree

stands tall and fast


Conditions observed in the universe are conditional to the existence of the observer:

An anthropic explanation of some electron’s mass

Sea ‘round the globe: no horizon to anchor our perspective

See square: the matter underlying its energy




    Copyright 2009, Kevin McMahon