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A Toast To The Moment We Tore Reality

            by Kevin McMahon



Exacting our escape, we hurry past the doors and halls

At the marker to a distant time, a signal of the Future calls

Upon the mound

  the wizard stands

    to guide us in our fall

And what’s been found

  within our plans

    lends meaning to it all


The warning of the mountain scent filters through the trees

Casting off from Ordinary, we sail to shores that no one sees

With equal doubt

  and fractured mind

    we long but to be free

Worried about

  our treasured find

    misplaced so carelessly


Momentum guides the keys to within our casual reach

Possess their opportunities: a path unique to each

Across the sky

Our efforts try

Consider why

  the figures chart

  to break apart

  the changes start

    a trail of ghostly streaks

    the bonds of fated weeks

    when Silence stands and speaks


Before the end, a storm announces its presence with startled brilliance in the grays

The dark below

  and flash above

    fill a sullen atmosphere, in grave recognition of our ways


Troubled peaks and valleys of the mountain range echo the approaching day

From rivers flow

  the remnants of

    that silence on the canyon walls – whose source no longer feels so far away



copyright Kevin McMahon, 2009